Hey I'm Steve!

A Frontend SFCC certified Web Developer building the Frontend of Websites and E-commerce stores. Specialist in CSS, SASS, LESS, HTML, Javascript and responsive web design

About Me

I love Development, Design, Technology and Experimentation, I enjoy my job a lot! I am also a family man who enjoys most sports.

A bit about me 😁

I’m a Frontend Web Developer and I love web development and always have from the moment I started learning it. No project is ever the same but my approach is, to be experimental and as performant as possible whilst always being usable and intuitive.

I am always improving my skills in web development and take on any challenge I can to ensure I am always improving. I am a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer which also challenges me to learn the new code bases over releases.

Feel free to take a look at some of or find some useful tips and information on .


My Skills

Responsive Design
Design Software


Some examples of the projects I have produced over my many years as a frontend developer. Each with their own challenge and approach.


Some helpful tips, tricks, tools and tutorials I have documented to help others with some of the same struggles I have felt over the years.
Pure CSS Hover Menu With Less Pain Points

Pure CSS Hover Menu With Less Pain Points

Tell me you have not had this scenario: You create a simple menu with hover fly-outs it works, you think you are done, then your customer or users return saying when you hover out it disappears and you have to start again. “It’s annoying”. If you haven’t my word you are lucky, or a lot […]

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Create a checkbox toggle switch

Create a checkbox toggle switch

An checkbox toggle switch is an extremely popular element I see on many websites these days. I get asked a lot about how to create these and see so many plugins used to achieve this. Let me tell you now a plugin is not needed and in fact no JS is needed at all! For […]

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