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Peak Performance

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  • ROLE

    Front-end Coding / Solutions Architect


    Redesign of the Peak Performance Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce website. Translating UI Design into a working responsive website and adding interactivity and interaction suggestions.




Peak Performance needed a fashion forward exciting website to represent them better and be able to creata a variety of landing pages. Already being on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform the ability to create an intuitive shopping experience was already in place, but Peak needed this to be more exciting and engaging.



Designs were provided and I translated these into fully functional web pages and added in required interactivity and improved these working alongside the client to make the site more immersive. Only mobile and desktop designs were provided so in-between designs had to be implemented in browser and creative decisions were my responibility and interactive elemets of devices. Templates for a variety of landing pages, hero content areas and content modules were created enabling the client to creata a variety of different types of engaging content. Custom attributes and functionalities were added for a much more flexible site for the client and a much improved experience for the customer.

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