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    Front-end Coding / Solutions Architect


    Redesign of the fahrrad e-commerce website. Translating UI Design into a working website and adding interactivity.




fahrrad needed a new fresh engaging website to showcase their amazing bikes and bike accessories. It had to be intuitive, clean and responsive. Transitioning on to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, this had to be implemented with many cusotm feaures and componenets enabling the client to fully utilise their site.



Designs were provided and I translated these into fully functional pages and added in required interactivity and improvements for responsive actions. This was all implemented on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud with a styleguide and component module examples provided for easier ways of building pages or sections using ready made components that could easily be pasted into content assets and slots. Other custom attributes and functionalities were added for a very flexible Salesforce Commerce Cloud site.

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