The Gift Finder

So when shopping over Christmas online I found myself having to put in the same filters all the time on a number of different sites to get to what I wanted. So it gave me an idea, and this is the result

age2A site that let’s you choose a few options and does all the hard work for you. You can get pre-populated searches or simply find a single gift, handy ey!

Yes there are others out there, but The way you have to choose what sort of gifts you wanted to get too was far more difficult than it needed to be. Plus they were all pretty ugly! They gave you lists of products without anything too visual going on and required you to keep having to go off to a number of differnet sites to get single product pages.

This tool is different! you have the option for it to logically choose you a product from any site and present you with a single gift …but… it aslo gives you the main sites in your chosen criteria for you to browse through the filtered search and choose a gift you think is perfect.

The aim with creating this is just to make peoples lives a little easier when searching for a gift, instead of having to apply filters time and time again this can do it all for you across a number of sites, saving you time and patience.

I hope it serves you well. Any thoughts are very welcome as usual.