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I am a highly skilled and experienced developer.After studying my degree I decided I defintely wanted to become a web developer and to always continue to learn and develop my skills. That is what I do with any projects given to me to build. I push the boundaries, but ensure everything works as it needs to for the user whilst still enagaging and inspiring them.

Having been a developer since 2007 I have a lot of knowledge under my belt and always apply these valuable lessons learnt to any piece of work I produce to ensure I can give you the best result for your project.

I just love to build websites!


Having started as a designer it is still a thrill.I began my learning as a designer and shifted that over to coding as I learnt more and more of it. What is best about that is I can still do good design whilst knowing as a developer it will work and exactly how to implement it.

I am still always enthusiastic about design and love to get inspired by all sorts of art and design out there and use this in all projects.

I Care

I don’t just do my job I put my all into it for the best result.I am not a developer or designer who will just do the job get paid and that is that. I will analyse, give my feedback and explanations and ensure that your project fulfills all it needs to do and still be good looking and work well for the user.

I care about my work that goes into the world, whatever it may be I like to be proud of my work and care about my customers results.

I do not just do what is required I help improve. When I am asked about taking on a project I like to know what is required, what the goals are and how I can help. I will always advise based on my experience and knowledge on best apporaches, what we could do to make it better, what will and will not work and help to achieve the best results.

Of course I don’t just say that you are wrong and I am right, that would just be plain rude! I work with you and ensure the project I take on achieves what it needs to do and in the best way.

Help and Inspire

My blog is in place to help and inspire people.I started my blog to help people find the information they need and to try and inspire an array of people. Those wanting to get into web development, those that are looking for inspiration and those that just like cool stuff!

I have an array of posts that I generally write from my own experiences. These include problems I have had and not found help on, fixed myself and then shared the knowledge on how. Inspiration I have found when starting projects and general starting tips on how I began to learn web development.


I always strive to improve, you can never know everything!My favourite thing about the web development world is there is always something new. Whether you can use it straight away or not I always like to know what is going on in the web world and learn about it and be ready to use it.

I will always continue to imporve myself in all aspects of my role and always keep looking forward to what I can learn and do next.

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