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With over 70 bespoke venues out there, Stonegate Pubs Ltd needed a site for every single one and for each to get the same information across in a unique look for each venue.

Creating a simple structure that could work for each was the answer, then with some backgound changes and styling for each, it gave every venue its own unique feel and represented what the venue offered.

All venues were designed and built wthin very very tight deadlines and the feed back was that they were a huge improvement to the previous sites in place.

From quiet town venues where you could get some grub, to night life venues in the heart of the city, the structure the same, the look and feel unique.

I was also tasked with the design and build of the Stonegate Pub Company corporate website. I set out on a panelled structure for instant access to relevant information and for the quickest route possible for users to find their local pub.

This was the main hub site containing all the information for all of Stonegates pubs, the largest pub company in the UK no less. It allowed users to view locations, different styles of pubs and find their nearest pub for a party, watching the footy or a nice roast dinner.

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