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Currently holding the position of Senior Creative Front-end Developer I am responsible for all front-end building of anything involved with Whether a competition on Facebook, full microsite or anything on the mobile site.

I manage a small team of developers and it is my responsibility to train the team on further new skills in the development world and to help them progress in their improvements as front-end developers. Although only directly responsible for a small team of developers I have played a pivotal role in driving figleaves forward in the digital world. I work very closely with the creative team, OM team and IT team to help push all their areas forward especially with responsive design.

The design team I have particularly helped push forward leaps and bounds. Having never designed for responsive websites before, I solely taught them how to design responsively and the importance of flexible grids and other important factors to make our projects run smoother and timely with some fantastic results, even teaching a little basic code to some team members along the way. I also make sure I keep up with latest design trends and pass these to the team to try and ensure where possible we are modern and competitive.

Working to tight deadlines ensuring emails, new promotions, site campaigns and all things digital are delivered to the highest quality is what we pride ourselves on.

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Skills Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Responsive
  • Design Guidance
  • Team Management

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