The Curriculum Vitae of Steven Hoskins. A front-end developer based in Hertfordshire. I enjoy being challenged with any project and am always as creative as possible whilst still keeping my sites intuitive and having strong interactive pieces. The process is never the same from one project to the next, but my approach is always the same… to be experimental, usable and accessible.

About me


Steven Hoskins
Front-end Developer
Rickmansworth, UK
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Design
  • Development
  • UX
  • Wireframes
  • IA
  • Site Performance
  • Team Management and Guidance
  • Agile
  • Training
  • Wordpress
  • Facebook page tabs
  • Basecamp
  • SVN
  • Wireframing
  • IA
  • Email Campaigns including responsive emails
  • Project Management
  • Text Stores
  • Typography
  • HTML including HTML5
  • CSS including CSS3
  • Javascript including jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  • Some PHP (mainly wordpress related)
  • Some Actionscript
  • Exposure to classic ASP
  • Exposure to .NET
  • Exposure to MVC
  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Fireworks
  • Flash
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Eclipse, Sublime Text
  • Me Contact

    07850 678 115

    Career and work

    job figleaves

    Senior front-end web developer and manager
    January, 2012
    I am responsible for all front-end coding on site, Facebook page tabs, emails and promotional pages, mobile development and solely built the figleaves blog and taught our editor how to use it with Wordpress.

    I manage a small team of developers and it is my responsibility to train the team on further new skills in the development world and to help them progress in their improvements as front-end developers. Although only directly responsible for a small team of developers I have played a pivotal role in driving figleaves forward in the digital world. I work very closely with the creative team, OM team and IT team to help push all their areas forward especially with responsive design.

    The design team I have particularly helped push forward leaps and bounds. Having never designed for responsive websites before, I solely taught them how to design responsively and the importance of flexible grids and other important factors to make our projects run smoother and timely with some fantastic results, even teaching a little basic code to some team members along the way. I also make sure I keep up with latest design trends and pass these to the team to try and ensure where possible we are modern and competitive.

    I worked hand in hand with IT to develop the figleaves mobile site having the most knowledge on how to build it responsive and in using jQuery mobile and I continue to teach IT about responsive web design so we can convert our site to a fully responsive one code site. I closely work with IT on all aspects of the figleaves site and regularly help them to push new features and ways of working, again regularly showing, using and teaching new plugins or hand code to make our interactive pieces better and CSS and HTML code to improve the way they code and work on the site.

    With the OM team they also did not understand responsive web design and how they can wireframe for responsive projects. I took it upon myself to give all these teams a presentation and tools available to help with responsive design and wireframing and it has really benefitted figleaves greatly. I also manage the whole creative team schedule handling tasks that get raised and then schedule these out accordingly to design and the coding team to ensure projects get delivered on time.

    Leading the team and company into new areas and maintaining and improving quality whilst completing every task set is my objective.

    Involvement in meetings and being the voice for the creative development team is one role I must ensure takes place and pushing my team and the company forward with any new technologies that help us to keep improving and exciting and engaging our users.

    I ensure there is a good relationship between all relevant teams especially with our IT back end team and design so we can ensure projects are completed to the best quality and speed and we regularly learn off of each other as a result.

    I have been the lead of the design and front-end development of the new figleaves site. This included being the lead of the UX, creating all wireframes and site structure and following through all designs for delivery. This also included creating an interactive style guide and prototyping original designs to check layout and functionality. The prototypes I created for initial testing were then final pieces of coded used on the final site. The agency responsible for implementing the final site through Demandware stated that it was the best delivery of a style guide and designs that they have had and made their job easy especially being able to use my code for the more interactive pieces.

    job impero

    Impero Design
    Front-end developer
    August, 2011
    January, 2012
    Main front-end developer responsible for nearly all website, mobile app, facebook tabs, newsletters, banner builds and more. Also responsible for enhancing existing sites. I took designs through to finished builds. Constantly having had to work to very tight deadlines with fast turnarounds.

    job clock

    Clock Ltd.
    Web Designer and Front-end Developer
    June, 2006
    August, 2011
    My main role at clock was to enhance existing sites and design and build new sites along with creating web apps, email newsletters, moodboards, scamps and wireframes using software such as photoshop, illustrator, flash and eclipse to name just a few. All handwritten HTML and CSS being W3C compliant.

    job freelance

    SHH Design
    Freelance Web Designer and Front-end Developer
    July, 2003
    I am also a freelancer with many clients including Prudential, BE Broadband, Orient Express, Oxford business school, McKeowns Solicitors, visit Denmark. Responsibilities include liaising directly with clients, scamps, wireframing, design and development. I constantly have to work to very tight deadlines creating anything from websites to advertising banners to email newsletters. One main project “Accident Hero” involved all of them skills and was even featured on TV as part of a huge campaign. I am regularly used by the digital agency Curve Interactive for most of their projects including many Wordpress websites.



    BA Hons, Graphics and New Media University of Hertfordshire – 2005–2006
    Foundation Degree, Graphics and New Media University of Hertfordshire – 2003–2005



    I regularly write blog posts on my personal site to try and help others learn and develop their skills and sometimes just to share inspiration and good finds that I think people could find usueful. They usually come from personal experiences from designers asking me to teach them or a particular issue I have had to fix that could help others.
    I regularly like to keep up with design and web trends, new technologies and anything nice out there. I am always reading blogs from the likes of smashing magazine and looking at inspirational galleries and checking stack overflow to see if I can help anyone.
    Outside of the digital or coding world I am a huge Football fan, watching and playing regularly. I like to take part in many sport activities including tennis, golf, table tennis, table foosball, cycling and gym. I also love my music especially indie, rock and alternative. I regularly attend music festivals with V festival being a usual yearly activity. I am a father to 2, a boy and a girl, a keen walker with my border collie and I enjoy a brain teaser too.